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Learning Through Simulation

ForceSense Tissue Handling Assessment System


The ForceSense is an accessory sensor system that enables both tissue handling force and instrument motion tracking in laparoscopic training in conjunction with the T5 MITS. Real-time force feedback is provided and the performance score of the trainee is presented by the intuitive software interface. 

The ForceSense enables both tissue handling force and instrument motion tracking in laparoscopic training. Real-time force feedback is provided and the performance score of the trainee is presented by the intuitive software interface.

Compatible with the T5 MITS, ForceSense offers the best of both worlds. Training on the robust T5 MITS with real instruments on a real tangible task, while having a complete registration of all motion and forces allowing objective performance assessment.

ForceSense Software analyzes motion, force, and time for a cummulative performance score.

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The research: Force feedback in laparoscopy; Is it useful? performed using the core technology of the ForceSense won the SMIT2010 young researcher award in Trondheim. Also The Colonel F. Kott award for best new instrumentation was won in the AAGL2011 Las Vegas. Since 2010, continued scientific research performed in a collaboration with multiple large academic hospitals in the Netherlands has resulted in a solid scientific background for the system and the integration of the ForceSense in surgical training programs.

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The ForceSense provides the tutor with a valuable insight into the resident’s learning curve. The intuitive software tracks tissue handling skill in each task repetition. When the resident is able to perform the task within the thresholds set for Force, movement and time, the option to perform the task in exam mode becomes available. When the exam is passed a report is generated that shows the learning curve and final task grades.

    "For training Minimally Invasive Surgical steps, correct tissue handling is of vital importance.  By tracking both the applied instrument forces and motions, the ForceSense is the first to offer complete tissue handling assesssment.  It provides feedback to the trainee and gives 'clinical' insight in how to handle the training material with extra (clinical relevant) care.  I strongly recommend this new approach of the ForceSense system for laparoscopic training purposes."  -Prof. Dr. F.W. Jansen. 

  • Performance tracking on a box trainer
    • Track laparoscopic skills on your box trainer.  State-of-the-art sensors record all tissue handling forces and instrument motions.  Each surgical task is instantly graded using reliable score metrics.  Box trainers are the most cost effective equipment to train laparoscopic skills. However, constant feedback from expert surgeons is not always available.  With ForceSense students can train independently and can even master the skills of laparoscopic suturing.
  • Direct visual force feedback
    • The ForceSense software delivers direct visual feedback when too much force is applied during a surgical task.  Training students to handle tissue carefully.  During suturing, a correct position of the needle in the needle driver reduces forces on the tissue, resulting in a higher score.  Students show that visual force feedback improves tissue handling skills. 
  • Student results accessible online
    • The course instructor can easily review individual, as well as student group progress online.  The captured training videos are stored with the scoring data.  Analyze learning curves to gain insight on the effects the training course has on student skills.  Remote assessment is now possible. 
  • Host exciting competitions
    • Display the online live ranking page on a monitor or projector during your training course.  As students gain skills, they will see themselves moving up on the scoreboard.  A great way to get an enthusiastic and competitive atmosphere in your training program.  
    • Tissue force training and measurement
    • Laparoscopic instrument motion tracking


    • Trendo Instrument tracking sensors (2)
    • ForceTRAP tissue interaction force sensor (1)
    • Windows Tablet with Pre-Installed ForceSense Software
    • One Year Software License with access to Data Base
    • 3 Skill Building Tasks (pea on a peg, loops and wire, peg transfer) with tracking sensors
    • 1 Soft Tissue Suture Pad with tracking sensors
    • 1 Suture Pad with tracking sensors
    • 1 Flaptask with tracking sensors

    Manufacturer - MediShield