Medical Training Systems from 3-D Med Assist in Bile Duct Exploration Education

3-D Med recently partnered with SAGES (Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons) to support a course offered by Dr. George Berci. Registrants were educated on the latest in bile duct exploration. Included in this was demonstrations of the LCBDE trainer and the T3-PLUS-HD trainers from 3-D Med.

Access to these trainers allowed for hands-on specialized, experience. Here is more background on the two machines used.

LCBDE Trainer

This machine was developed at Northwestern University, and includes simulated gallstones interacting with a liver, gallbladder, and common bile ducts. Internally mounted cameras and interchangeable grommets of varying sizes give the trainer a realistic edge.

In addition to the high-quality production of the physical trainer, a companion curriculum is offered in the form of the Transcystic Common Bile Duct iBook. This sought-after educational tool is flush with audio, video, and interactive trainings to enhance the user’s experience and solidify their new knowledge.

If you have an interest in acquiring this trainer, reach out here. 

T3-PLUS-HD Trainer

We’re proud of this trainer for its simplicity. A sophisticated Minimally Invasive Training System, it has an easy set-up and boasts portability.

Features of this machine include a high-def 1080p camera with telescopic and rotational ability and a high-res 12” monitor. The camera is controlled via “joystick” and the work area is large enough for sufficient exploration. This machine is ideal for honing skills in laparoscopic suturing and anastomosis.

More information on this trainer can be found here.

The work done at Dr. Berci’s course will improve skill and offerings of bile duct exploration, and we are happy to have been part of that. For more information of the happenings of the course, please click here, and for more information on the various trainers that 3-D Med has to offer, click here.