“We recently purchased 4 Laparoscopic Trainer from 3-Dmed for running our course on essentials of bowel anastomosis (course website : www.ebasurg.com). The whole 3-Dmed team is loyal to their clients and extremely supportive. The system carries high quality standards and also the company products are superb.

We run our Essentials of Bowel Anastomosis course, this is  a 2-day training course teaching the essential  skills of bowel  anastomosis and consists of lectures and skill stations with hands-on training. We use 3-Dmed Lap Trainer for laparoscopic bowel anastomosis stations.

The course is standardized with common objectives, content, structure and  assessment methods based on the Essentials of Bowel Anastomosis book (http://cine-med.com/index.php?nav=books&id=BOW01)

I would recommend simulation for any surgical training program which will keep the surgical trainee engaged and raises their confidence level.”

“The 3-Dmed® Simulator is my preferred training device for the development of laparoscopic skills. Its portability and cost effectiveness makes it the ideal partner to conquer the hand eye coordination challenges of minimally invasive surgery. I own one myself and share it in teaching with my residents. They love it!”

“On behalf of the Graduate Studies Program in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Costa Rica, I want to express my sincere thanks for the impressive support given by your company and team during our Laparoscopic Sutures workshop directed by Dr. Luis Gonzales and offered to all of our residents. Your charismatic gesture has generated a positive impact in the teaching of endoscopic skills using simulation that ensures a more ethical and responsible teaching process ensuring the safety of the patient.”

“I recently had the pleasure of providing a hands-on training session with the Lap Trainers at our Spring Conference. The ease of assembly and instruction was great. This was the first time most of our members have been exposed to this training tool. Watching them realize how difficult manipulation of laparoscopic instrumentation can be and seeing them refocus on the actual dexterity to accomplish the task given in each of the different trainers was priceless. I look forward to a future of providing this experience to new members in the coming years.”

There is abundant evidence in the literature proving that practice at pelvic trainers directly translates to operating room skill and efficiency. The use of pelvic trainers to facilitate learning in a low-pressure environment enables muscle memory to develop maximally. 3-Dmed’s pelvic trainers allow the greatest versatility to replicate surgeon’s variable port placement. They are simply the best, which is why we have used 3-Dmed® pelvic trainers at LIGO courses since 2006. Click here to view a Step-by-step laparoscopic suturing video featuring Kate O’ Hanlan, MD.

“Recently we purchased a 3-Dmed® laparoscopic simulator. We realized the greatest benefit of the simulator after we began using it. It helps keep the students engaged. The simulator came with a 0 and 30 degree scope. The 30 degree scope teaches the students about camera angle and orientation. We can tell a difference in the confidence level of the students when they have used the simulator before being assigned a laparoscopic case in clinical. I would recommend a simulator for any program. Anything that keeps the students engaged and raises their confidence level will help in positive outcomes for the student.”

“I personally purchased about 25 SILS trainers and am very happy with them. The quality of the system was great and the company representation is excellent.”